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Aha!Experience 123+

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Aha!Experience 123+

This app will activate your brain with Aha!Experience.

Aha!Experience 123+ Ver1.5
Aha!Experience Lite Ver1.5

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Brain shock(Aha!Experience) activates your brain.
Detect the change in the picture.
The change progresses gradually slowly.
(disappear , appear , move , discolor , ....etc.)

If you fail in the detection of the change, challenge again.
When you tap the 'Hint' button, the hint is displayed.

When you detect the change, you feel the pleasure with the discovery.
It is the brain shock(Aha!Experience).
Tap the 'Answer' button and confirm the answer.

Even You were not able to detect the change, it is possible to experience the brain shock. Tap the 'Answer' button.