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kana japanese App Store


Kana Japanese

First Lessons In Japanese.
In this app, you can learn the Japanese Kana.

kva App Store App Store


Kinetic Visual Acuity

iPhone App for visual acuity training.
   for dynamic visual acuity.
   for kinetic visual acuity.

Great athletes exhibit good kinetic visual acuity.

Visual Acuity is classified as KVA,DVA and SVA.
   KVA(Kinetic Visual Acuity) :
   direction of depth
   DVA(Dynamic Visual Acuity) :
   SVA(Static Visual Acuity) :

CameraGPS3 App Store App Store


CameraGPS Chunk

This app records various information linked with photo.
(geo info in text, map, address, voice, text memo)

All the information in one screen.

Photo(No geotag)

spreadsheet App Store App Store


Spreadsheet Export CSV

The app helps you enter data in a table format, and export a CSV file.

'Spreadsheet Export CSV' → CSV-File → Excel

Line Memo

Free Hand Writing Memo app.

mathmethod App Store App Store


2 Digit Multiplication

This app will help you learn how to multiply double digit numbers quickly.

try hairstyle App Store App Store


Try Hairstyle

'Try Hairstyle' will simulate hairstyle looking good with your own photos.
The scaling is vertically and horizontally. Therefore, it will be a natural fit.
It also has the feature to change the Hair Color.

nback2 App Store App Store



N'Back improves working memory and fluid intelligence.

jigsaw2 App Store App Store


Jigsaw Puzzle Maker

This App could make an original jigsaw puzzle from a photo.

16~100 pieces.

ahaXP123 App Store App Store


Aha!Experience 123+

This app will activate your brain with Aha!Experience.

amida App Store App Store


Amida Mikan

Traditional Lottery iPhone App.