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Kinetic Visual Acuity HD

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Kinetic Visual Acuity HD

iPad App for visual acuity training.
   for dynamic visual acuity.
   for kinetic visual acuity.

Visual Acuity is classified into KVA,DVA and SVA.
   KVA(Kinetic Visual Acuity) : direction of depth
   DVA(Dynamic Visual Acuity) : left-right,up-down
   SVA(Static Visual Acuity) : static

Kinetic Visual Acuity HD Ver1.3
Kinetic Visual Acuity HD Lite Ver1.3

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Train and test 'Kinetic Visual Acuity' by reading the figure on a rotating hex-head pillar that dashes out from the screen interior. The passing speed and the rotational speed of a hex-head pillar change depending on the difficulty level.

Test Mode : Each difficulty level is executed 4 times, and the score is calculated.
Training Mode : You can arbitrarily set the difficulty level.

Visual Acuity is classified into KVA,DVA and SVA.
  KVA: direction of depth
  DVA: left-right,up-down
  SVA: static
In 'Kinetic Vision Acuity', you can train and test both KVA and DVA.

* Lite Version:
Level : 0, 1, 2, 2.5

* Full Version:
Level : 0, 1, 2, 3, 4
Training / Test