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Photo Folder for iPhone  :  removed from sale

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photofolder App Store


Photo Folder for iPhone

Hierarchical Photo Folders.

This app allows you to have folders inside folders in a hierarchy.

LimitJigsaw PuzzlePrice
Photo Folder---4x4, 5x5, 8x8, 10x10$4.99
Photo Folder Lite25Folders, 50Photos4x4Free
Photo Folder S------$3.99
Photo Folder for iPhone Ver2.3
Photo Folder for iPhone Lite2 Ver2.2
Photo Folder S for iPhone Ver2.1

#about  Backup/Restore/Export/Import (Dropbox)

Format Folder title location address memo additional info jigsaw
Backup original OK OK OK OK OK OK OK
Restore original OK OK OK OK OK OK OK
Export jpeg(NoGeotag) OK
Import jpeg,png,gif........ OK
screenshot1 screenshot2 screenshot3 screenshot5

◆Import Photo
✔Photo Albums
✔Photo Albums(Group/Bulk)

◆Information linked with Photo
✔Voice Memo
✔Text Memo
✔Photo Title
 Editing Available.

✔Create Folder (Title/Color)
✔Delete Folder
✔Folder Tree
✔Change Folder

✔Change Thumbnail Size
✔Move Photo/Folder
✔Delete Photo/Folder
✔Move Photo/Folder To Another Folder
✔Sort (title)
✔Sort (date)

 include:location(mail body, not geotag), voice, text memo, address
✔post on Facebook

✔Backup to Dropbox
✔Restore from Dropbox
 *Required:Dropbox Account


✔Jigsaw Puzzle : Make From Photo,Play,Score
 Lite Version:16pieces only
 S Version:Non

*Lite Version :
 Limited : 50 Photos , 5 Folders

*Photo Quality : Full Size (Except for E-mail)