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Spreadsheet Export CSV

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Spreadsheet Export CSV

The app helps you enter data in a table format, and export a CSV file.

'Spreadsheet Export CSV' → CSV-File → Excel

Spreadsheet Export CSV Ver1.2
Spreadsheet Export CSV Lite Ver1.3

spreadsheet spreadsheet spreadsheet spreadsheet

The app helps you input data into a spreadsheet.

Export spreadsheet to a CSV file
(This app Can Not Import a CSV file.)
Backup : To iCloud (available in iOS 5.0 and later.)
Analysis1 : basic statistics, histogram
Analysis2 : simple regression analysis, scatter plot, residual plot

*Restriction (iPhone4S, iPhone5~iPhone6~)
 number of columns : 100
 number of rows : 20,000
 number of cells : 200,000

*Restriction (others)
 number of columns : 100
 number of rows : 10,000
 number of cells : 100,000

*Lite Version Restriction
 number of columns : 100
 number of rows : 20
 number of cells : 2000